Service for Sustainable Businesses

We convert the positive impact of your company into Biyiud points, allowing you to attract and retain customers and employees committed to sustainability, and expand the social and environmental impact of your business.

You can also encourage demand flexibility with Biyiuds based on the daily interests of your business.

How does Biyiud work?

Through the generation and exchange of EcoValue

We capitalize on your sustainability certifications and non-financial information on CSR* and ESG** in Biyiud EcoValue points

We reflect the accumulation of Biyiuds in EcoReputation through a sustainability ranking (EcoRating) that can be shared in real-time on social networks and the web

We enable the exchange of EcoValue Biyiuds with your customers and human resources. These Biyiuds have a nominal value based on the current EcoRating result

The new Biyiuds you receive are loaded into your EcoValue portfolio, and this is reflected in your EcoRating. The same happens with the Biyiuds that your customers and human resources receive.


Algorithms - Machine Learning - Blockchain - Web Services - Cloud Computing

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

**ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability criteria

Service for Electricity Retailers

We convert renewable electricity consumption into Biyiud points, allowing you to expand the positive social and environmental impact of your business. Moreover, you can attract and retain customers who are conscious of sustainability. With Biyiuds, your customers can access exclusive benefits in:

  • Sustainable food
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Sustainable dining
  • Sustainable hospitality