EcoReputation in real time: The new metric of sustainability


How are companies addressing sustainability in real-time?

Hello, we want to talk to you about an exciting innovation in the world of corporate sustainability: the Biyiud Directory of Sustainable Companies, a platform that presents the results of the Biyiud EcoRating for companies with the aim of transforming the way companies and consumers interact in the realm of sustainability. Let us tell you what it's all about and why it's so relevant.


Innovation in Sustainability: The Biyiud EcoRating

The Biyiud EcoRating is a revolutionary tool that ranks companies based on their comprehensive sustainable behavior to connect sustainable production and consumption. What does this mean? It's an impartial, real-time rating that allows consumers to make more informed, sustainability-aligned purchasing decisions and helps sustainable companies expand and publicize the positive impact of their activities.

This innovative indicator reflects companies' positive impact on sustainability by charting commitment, cooperation, transparency, and trust towards brands including Shared Value activities with suppliers, employees, and customers. Thus, we are redefining the concept of Shared Value by including people in the measurement of companies' EcoReputation, giving greater relevance to their participation in corporate sustainability.

With the Biyiud EcoRating and the Directory of Sustainable Companies, we are transforming the assessment of companies' impact: it's a real-time measurement that allows comparison of companies from any sector, confronts Greenwashing, reduces Greenpremium, evolves ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria by allowing tracking of their variables, and includes a new scope of CO2 emissions from companies' customers, as level 4, to make it a new mechanism for consumer loyalty.


Real-Time Corporate EcoReputation

Why is the Biyiud EcoRating important? Because it allows companies to disclose their EcoReputation in real-time, a prestige based on their environmental and social commitment built from sustainability certifications in their processes and products and from the exchange of EcoReputation with suppliers, employees, and customers.

This makes the Biyiud EcoRating a new market loyalty mechanism: Companies receive EcoReputation from their product and service providers, and from their employees and customers to improve their EcoRating, which incentivizes positive impact actions that go beyond their businesses and strengthens their relationship with society.


Sustainable Companies of All Sectors and Sizes

The Directory presents sustainable companies from different sectors and sizes or if they belong to local commerce in an agile way, to give visibility on how these companies are facing environmental, social, and economic challenges: where their product comes from, how they make it, who sells it, and above all, who buys it.

For each company, its main features are highlighted as badges; for example, 100% renewable energy in the case of electric retailers, 100% sustainable products in the case of supermarkets, shops, or food and beverage platforms, or 100% cruelty-free in the case of fashion companies.

Each company also has a profile describing the variables, or EcoAttributes, resulting in real-time in the Biyiud EcoRating. These EcoAttributes are described as sources of EcoValue that companies obtain from sustainability certifications of their processes and products, and from interactions of EcoReputation with their suppliers, employees, and customers.


Making Informed Purchasing Decisions

For consumers, identifying truly sustainable companies is crucial but also challenging. The Biyiud EcoRating simplifies this task by providing a clear and unbiased view. Consumers can actively participate in corporate sustainability by choosing brands with the best EcoReputation.

This is the goal of the Directory of Sustainable Companies: to help consumers participate in corporate sustainability from their own daily consumption activities as final links in the production and service chain, making decisions based on transparent, clear, and direct information in favor of products and services with positive impact.


Empowering Positive Impact and Shared Value

Our purpose is to turn sustainability into wealth. We use innovative technologies, like Blockchain, to ensure the integrity of EcoReputation. This allows us to address Greenwashing and Greenpremium to promote a more transparent market, with products and services of positive impact more accessible and affordable for all consumers.

Together, we are creating an ecosystem where individual actions have a real impact on global sustainability. Day by day, we continue to feed and expand the Directory of Sustainable Companies to include companies from all sectors, and we work to expand its application to entities that are positively impacting other environments, such as cities, universities, and other Shared Value ecosystems.


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