Service for Citizen Science

The participation of individuals as end consumers of new products and services and the results of scientific advancements is essential for obtaining innovations better tailored to market requirements.

However, in large-scale projects carried out in Living Labs where citizens must actively contribute to science with their intellectual effort or support knowledge with their tools or resources, data, and interaction, greater incentives are required.

In these scenarios, Biyiud EcoValor points can be a great mechanism to incentivize participation in citizen science. Biyiuds can be used to reward individuals in:

  • Contributory or co-creation projects where participants must contribute to data collection or in the analysis and dissemination of these.
  • Collaborative projects where participants analyze samples and sometimes help design the study, interpret data, draw conclusions, or disseminate results.
  • Co-created projects where participants collaborate in all stages of the project, including defining questions, developing hypotheses, discussing results, and responding to new questions.
  • Learning projects where participants are students supervised by educators and scientists.